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What’s Inside The Family Home Of NFL Star Randall Cobb? Check Out The California-Style Residence In Houston

If you tune in to any sports channel on a Sunday, you’d see the eye-popping jaw-dropping performance that Randall Cobb, the Tennessee-native NFL star, delivers on the field. The way he dips and dashes, you’d catch yourself falling into what-did-I-just-witness kinda hysteria.

After being drafted by the NFL way back in 2011 and handpicked by the Green Bay Packers, Randall continued amping up his play. That’s what happens when you follow your passion, probably. You just keep winning!

Getty Images | And these wins led the star to accumulate a net worth of $4 million

However, when he’s off the court, this is where Randall goes to chill.

The Latest Acquisition

Located in West University Place, a city within the boundaries of Houston, Texas, Randall Cobb seems to be extremely happy with his new living quarters. He thinks that it’s amazing to have a place where his children can run around and make lots of memories. 

He revealed that prior to buying the residence in Houston, his wife Lawyer Aiyda Cobb and he had heard about West University Place from friends. But, it wasn’t until they visited it that they thought of it as the perfect situation for them. The accessibility to coffeehouses and restaurants was unbelievable.

The Cobb family purchased the home during the ongoing pandemic – which obviously would have made the designing process a huge challenge. But if that wasn’t complicated enough, try considering that the family wasn’t even living in the same city at the time.

Since they resided in the city of Los Angeles, naturally, help was needed. And so to outfit their house, they reached out to Roxanne and Jonathan Wimmel of Wimmel Design and Construction, and interior designer Brandon Fontenot.

AD | Aiyda and Randall Cobb pictured with their two kids Cade (1), Caspian (3), and  Louie, their Shiba Inu.

Pleased To The Extreme

Brandon said that even though neither he nor Aiyda are from California, they both have an aesthetic that lines up with the state, which is what became the starting point of their design. He also said that knowing that there would be children in the home, they had to be conscious of certain things. For example, having round tables, the living room needed to be free-form, and at the same time, everything needed to be aesthetically pleasing.

Aiyda revealed her joy about the living space saying that Roxanna and Jonathan really understood the assignment when she told them about wanting a space that is aesthetically pleasing but also functional. She also said that she wanted it to be a place where not only the adults were happy, but her children were content too.

AD | Even though because of the pandemic and precautions the design process was super hard, the team still managed to blow them away with the interior

The Cobbs wanted their house to be flooded with natural light, but that went against the entire design that the designing team had planned for the couple’s bedroom. They proposed for the room to be very “moody” and so the Cobbs trusted them and never regretted the decision because they seemed to have been extremely happy with the result. In fact, they even claimed that it was the best decision they made.

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