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Elon Musk and Bill Gates’ Long-Standing Feud

Elon Musk and Bill Gates, two tech giants who have amassed astronomical fortunes and pledged to use their wealth for the betterment of the world, have found themselves in an unexpected and long-standing feud. While their shared attributes might lead one to believe they’d be allies, the roots of their rivalry run deep.

This article will delve into how this feud began and the twists and turns it has taken over the years.

affiliatemarketexpert/ Instagram | Elon Musk and Bill Gates are both prominent figures in the tech industry, known for their significant contributions to technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Musk’s Conflicting Words and Actions

Elon Musk’s statement, “Offer me money, offer me power, I don’t care,” raised eyebrows, given his immense wealth and obvious pursuit of money and power. According to Forbes, Musk’s net worth is a staggering $264.4 billion, seemingly contradicting his carefree attitude.

In contrast, Bill Gates, with a net worth of $110.8 billion, has declared his intention to significantly reduce his wealth through philanthropy, as evidenced by his tweet in 2022.

Musk, too, had proclaimed his intention to divest himself of worldly possessions, emphasizing his dedication to endeavors like Mars exploration and environmental preservation. However, this commitment seemed to waver as he retained a significant stake in Tesla, holding 412.6 million shares valued at $84.89 billion, leading many to question the sincerity of his claim to disregard wealth.

elonmuskh/ Instagram | Elon Musk’s work and vision have significantly influenced the technology, transportation, and space exploration industries

Wallet Wars

Although Musk professed indifference to money and power, it became evident that these elements were at the core of his feud with Bill Gates, which escalated in 2022.

The feud began in 2020 when the two clashed over their perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic. Gates criticized Musk’s penchant for making audacious statements, asserting that he was not deeply involved in vaccine development. Musk tweeted humorously, “Billy G is not my lover.”

However, the feud intensified when Musk accused Gates of shorting Tesla stocks, essentially betting that Tesla’s value would decline. An alleged text exchange between the two was made public, with Musk questioning Gates about his stock position. Gates confirmed he hadn’t closed his short position and suggested discussing philanthropic opportunities.

Musk, however, cast doubt on Gates’ commitment to climate change philanthropy, citing Gates’ massive short position against Tesla, a company dedicated to combating climate change. The irony was hard to ignore, especially considering Tesla’s underplayed carbon footprint and the environmental impact of SpaceX launches.

Craig Adderley/ Pexels | Tesla continues to be a driving force in the evolution of the automotive industry

Twitter and Free Speech Fuel the Fire

The feud reignited when Gates expressed skepticism about Musk’s purchase of a social media platform and his expansion of the definition of free speech. Gates questioned Musk’s stance on posts like “vaccines kill people” or claims he was tracking individuals. Gates wondered if Musk’s goals aligned with reducing the spread of extreme falsehoods and conspiracy theories.

Musk responded in his signature style by posting a composite image featuring Gates alongside a cartoon character. The image was captioned, “In case you want to lose a boner fast.” Nevertheless, Musk later claimed to be moving on from this episode, signaling a potential thaw in their ongoing feud.

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