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The Latest Swiss Ship That is A Game Changer for Climate Change

Did you know that ships emit more carbon dioxide than airplanes? That is right. Ships are wrongly considered to be climate-friendly and no thought is given to consider them. It was a few years ago that this discovery took place. The discovery highlighted that ships emit more carbon dioxide and make the climate-vulnerable. However, no concrete protective measures were taken by any giant ship producer to cope with this grave issue.

Meruyert / Pexels / A study reveals that sea transportation emits way more carbon dioxide than airplanes.

A Belgian economist and entrepreneur, Gunter Pauli, is breaking the ice. While other entrepreneurs are centering their focus on effective marketing strategies, Gunter is in the process of designing a ship that is completely solar-powered. Although this attempt may not be a quick solution to one of the gravest crises of human existence, it will no doubt contribute to climate change. If everything goes as planned – which Gunter and Co are optimistic about – this will bring a disastrous change in the sea transportation business. Simultaneously, it will play its key role in effectively fighting climate change.

What Makes Porrima Stand Out Among Its Competitors?

As mentioned earlier, Porrima is the first ship that is all solar-powered. It has not only changed the conventional perspective of the sea transportation business. Rather, it has brought climate change (which is the gravest crisis of our time) into consideration. This eco-friendly ship has numberless features that outclass its competitors – features that are unknown to other ship makers. Some of the major ones are:

The Asia Pacific / This revolutionary ship is not only eco-friendly, but it is sustainable as well.

  • Sustainability.
  • Less acidification.
  • Has a miniature farm in it.
  • Releasing less ‘air bubbles’ AKA carbon dioxide.
  • Gives a whole new outlook to fishing.

In an email exchange, the think-tank behind this revolutionizing ship, Gutter, explains that it was “too late for us” to figure out that ships make the climate vulnerable. “A single sea transport emits more carbon dioxide than all airplanes combined,” Gutter confesses.

The Design of This Innovative Ship is Lavish

MS Porrima Blue / As the objective behind Porrima is worthwhile and meaningful, so is the entire design.

When it comes to the design of Porrima, it is exceptionally sleek. The interior is as lavish as any luxurious ship that you can think of. Although it is relatively smaller in size compared to major cruise ships, it has almost all the lavish features that every sailor yearns for.

Wide cabins, creatively designed lounges, main halls, and VIP suites add up to the features of Porrima. The main hall, which is influenced by Swiss Army knives, can serve heterogeneous activities. It can be used for dining, exhibition, and even classroom.

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