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How Parents Can Make Infants’ Clothes More Sustainable? Some Smart Tips

Sustainability can mean several things, but in the infant fashion industry, it may define as garments that are produced in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. However, it doesn’t stop the production line. Somehow, clothing is a big issue when it comes to children—from a newborn baby to a four-year-old toddler, it will require seven sizes within that two-year frame. Which results in a huge amount of infant clothing.

The infant clothing category must rely on durability and longevity. This is just because babies grow faster, and children at every stage like to play more.

Anastasia / Pexels / Create clothes for your kids more sustainably to avoid lavish shopping every year.

As per the report, there are 180 million infant items tucked away in homes around the United States only. Recently, Hubbub (Mother and Environmental Charity) organization stated in its research that the typical American family spends $11,000 every year on children’s wear. Despite this, Hubbub’s research specifies that one-third of American parents have binned garments their children no longer need.

Today, it has become a social status symbol to buy and choose branded clothes. Likewise, the same is with children. The ratio of choosing comfortable, simple, durable, and longevity infant clothes is less than choosing a brand. And it is costly!

With that said, here are some basic tips that can help you make your kid’s clothes more sustainable:

Create A Dedicated Wardrobe

A simple capsule wardrobe is a process of buying different sets of garments. From that, you can mix and match with other to create multiple outfits. It also has an option of to a new season and keeps things very simple.

Nicola / Pexels / By creating a dedicated wardrobe for clothes, you can make the clothes of your kids more sustainable.

Thus, let your kids wear and re-wear the clothes once the season arrives. Do not put them in the trash bin. Instead, store them in a dedicated wardrobe and let your kids wear them ‘again.’

Buy Sustainable Fashion Brands

The second process which we can use to make infant clothing more sustainable is to buy environmentally friendly brands. This will help you to prepare your child for every season and activity.

Yan / Pexels / Do not overspend on your kids’ clothing every season. Instead, buy sustainable clothes and let your kids wear them accordingly.

So, while shopping for your kids, choose the best fabric. The one that will last long.

Only Wash the Clothes When They Need To!

Overwashing clothes is not a good idea. Every parent should know that washing infant clothes has an important impact on the environment. Becoming more eco-conscious when it comes to doing laundry at your home is a great way to become more sustainable.

Only wash your baby’s clothes when you really have to but not more, because the more you wash them, the more they will shrink and fade.

Buy Less Irritating Garments

Infant clothing designers and brands are choosing more elastic fabrics, which are easier to design. It is up to the parents to have decided on the more irritating clothes or the simple ones.

Nevertheless, the simple one is always the best, more sustainable, and more durable. So, choose the simple one. The one that is more durable and less irritating.

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