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5 Tips for Businesses to Avoid the Greenwash Trap in 2022

As the effects of environmental degradation become more evident with the changing climate, more and more consumers are now switching to greener purchases to support a more sustainable environment.

However, the annual report of 2021 suggests a misdirecting of businesses to capitalize the various groups of consumers. Many famous companies such as have been blamed for trying to greenwash their consumers in Europe. These claims are taken quite strictly as calling out the wrong companies and piing them the blame for green claim is considered as an illegal action.

Akil/ Pexels | Let your new year resolution be a greener climate

Despite all these claims, Greenwashing is very real and something must be done to avoid a climatic crisis. You can start saving the environment by:

  1. Put actions before words

Businesses are now aiming to work together to bring about real action instead of just empty words. Instead of lofty claims, they must help bring about actual change by taking small but scientifically backed evidence steps. As well as highlighting how they will further improve it in the future.

These changes must be then checked by an authoritative body after a short deadline to see actual change. This is an effective way for this is for the marketing and sustainability teams to join forces towards a common goal.

Felix/ Pexels | The cleaner the earth is today, the greener it will be tomorrow

  1. Use technology to save the planet

The real challenge for business would be spreading information to shoppers and to educate that all about the social and environmental issues along with sustainability. This is not particularly difficult to achieve since we are already in the age of social media and digital awareness. With the right targeted campaigns, we can easily spread information to the masses.

  1. Sharing the narrative behind your product

This doesn’t necessarily mean to avoid mentioning claims of a product having longer life cycles, it means identifying a goal for sustainability attached to your product. With the new initiatives taking place around us, a lot more companies are expected to be put out of business for their product’s impacts. For example, how they market that one specific ingredient that is environmentally friendly even when the other facts of the product aren’t aiming towards sustainability.

  1. Recycling

    Vlada/ Pexels | A disposable society is a healthier society

Investigations have proved that if currently, only under 20% of labels provide consumer quality information to the shoppers. To improve the rates of recycling businesses must state clearly on their products when it contains them as well as clear disposal instructions.

  1. Companies have to increase transparency

All businesses have ignored climate change in the past. It’s not a secret. The only way forward is that businesses should start with exemplary work for others and admit the flaws in the business and seek consumers’ forgiveness and trust as they move towards an eco-friendly and sustainable future. Hiding your venture’s flaws may protect your companies image but it would have significant effects on the atmosphere.

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