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How Business Owners Can Hack Their Energy Levels and Achieve More Productivity

Succeeding as an entrepreneur takes a lot of discipline and hard work. Working for oneself can be difficult, especially when it comes to staying motivated amidst challenges and productivity lulls.

A lot of people, business owners or not, face this problem and have found solutions with supplements to keep their energy levels up for work.

One doesn’t need to resort to these products to stay energized and productive though. Even simple lifestyle changes can make a lot of difference to an entrepreneur’s day to day performance.

Staying Hydrated

Unsplash | Keep some water nearby or on your desk to stay hydrated as you work

Drinking plenty of water is a piece of advice that can solve a lot of minor health issues. For starters, being dehydrated can actually negatively affect how a person’s brain functions. It can also cause headaches and inability to concentrate. That said it’s recommended that everyone stay hydrated and constantly sip on water as they go about their day.

Portion Control

Everybody’s familiar with that feeling of sluggishness one gets after eating a large meal. This sudden lowering of energy is attributed to the fact that the body diverts its attention to digesting food leaving the brain with decreased oxygen to use.

To avoid such scenarios, it’s better if one keeps their meals on the smaller side. Instead of eating three large meals, try dividing it into four to five smaller portions. Even better avoid eating foods with the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan.

Resetting Your Sleeping Pattern

Unsplash | Refrain from using your phone or laptop while in bed when you’re trying to sleep

Speaking of sleep, the lack of it is something that entrepreneurs often wear as a badge of honor. While making sacrifices for one’s business is certainly something to be proud of, constantly being sleep-deprived can mess up their energy levels and make it more difficult for them to stay on top of things. Make sure to get enough quality sleep on the regular. The recommended number of hours is around seven to nine hours.

Staying Active

After sleep, exercising is another daily activity that entrepreneurs drop in favor of working. This is a mistake though as staying active is a way for them to keep their energy levels up throughout the day. Try to set aside at least 15 to 30 minutes each day to do some form of exercise from something heart pumping like running to a relaxing one like yoga.

Work During Productive Hours

Unsplash | Most people’s productive hours are the seven to eight hours following the time they wake up

Lastly, entrepreneurs can hack their productivity by doing most of their work during their most productive hours. One can determine these time slots by staying in tune with their body’s Circadian Rhythm and observing when their energy levels dip or rise.

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