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4 Tricks to Take Your Interior Design to a Whole New Level Through Dried Flowers

Fresh showers and rain bring new life to flowers. They bloom in heterogeneous colors. All of us seemingly love and are in awe of blossoming flowers. But a slight shift in season alters the blossoming flowers into dried ones. Witnessing your live plants and flowers wither gradually is perhaps the most unpleasant experience that you can ever imagine. Should you give up on styling your flowers once they dry up?

Well, the answer should be no. Luckily, garden enthusiasts and flower lovers can decorate their interior designs with dried flowers. There was a time when dried flowers were an inseparable part of interior design. “Back in the 80s, there was an unwavering taste of decorating dried flowers,” recalls Callahan Meghan, who is the brand manager of the flower chain store called Afloral. Furthermore, Meghan asserts, the trend has seen many ebbs and flows as the trend of decorating dried flowers went up and down. “In the last ten years, we have seen the trend coming back, luckily.”

Jonathan / Pexels / Decorating with dried flowers was a fashion trend back in the 80s.

With that said, if you input a touch of creativity, dried flowers can be a beautiful addition to your interior design. But this begs the question: “How can I mesmerizingly decorate my dried flowers?” To answer this question, we have gathered 4 tricks that will help you in taking your interior design to a whole new level through dried flowers. Let’s walk through them step by step:

  1. Make A Quintessence Of Your Dried Flowers

The first step in styling your dried flowers is artistically gathering them and making a matching combination of them. “You need to make sure that your bouquet is properly dried up,” suggests Meghan. However, as your flowers wither away completely, it is time to make an artistic quintessence of them.

“Making a quintessence of your flowers has no hard and fast rules. It is all on you and taste,” asserts Meghan. Nonetheless, she – as a florist – recommends making a matching combination of the flowers for aesthetic beauty. “An amalgamation of blood-red, white, and yellow flowers have an unexpressible aesthetic collection,” she argues.

Cottonbro / Pexels / A beautiful and artistic quintessence of your dried flowers is the most essential part of interior design.

So, as the first step, let your flowers completely dry out. Once they are dried, place them in an artistic quintessence with matching colors.

2. Find a Stylish Vessel

The pot that you place your flowers in is as equally important as the flowers themselves. That is why it is essential to have the right and stylish pot to place your flowers in. For that, vessels are highly recommended. Vessels are gentler and present an aesthetic beauty that no other flower holder can possibly present.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of options available online to purchase your desired vase. “But your vase doesn’t have to be brand new,” argues Meghan. “You can artistically decorate an old vase or any other tinpot and make it look all-new.”

Chris / Pexels / Where you place your dried flowers is as important as how you place them.

3. Properly Align the Bouquet of Dried Flowers With the Vessel

Once you have your bouquet of flowers vessel handy, the next step is to keenly align them. “Again, alignment of flowers and vessel has no fixed rules. Based on your taste, you can align the two as you want,” suggests Meghan. After all, you are the beholder. It should look good to you first.

4. Place the Flowers in High Shelves & Away From Sunlight

Finally, as you are ready with your bouquet of flowers, now make sure to place the flowers on high shelves. Meaning, somewhere which is hard to reach and away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight withers them away and you may lose your bouquet. Likewise, placing them on lower shelves may cause them to break away as these shelves are easily reachable. Don’t forget to be gentle with your bouquet of dried flowers. They are fragile and easily breakable.

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