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A Journalist Interviews 100 Adults For Aging Advice; Here Are the Top Pieces of Advice

Maria Shriver is a journalist who has been pursuing journalism for the last 45 years. Though she is above her standard age – she is 58 years old – she loves to sit with people and get to know them. Even today, as she is approaching her 60s. For her, journalism was – and is – her passion and she has pursued it like a real woman. Despite numerous obstacles and challenges, Maria was brave enough to embrace those tough times with a mouthful of smiles.

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Throughout her career as a journalist, Maria has interviewed thousands of people from all walks of life. Nonetheless, what she loves interviewing the most are the senior citizens. For her, “Sitting with older adults and getting to know them and their life principles is one of the most joyous things.” She suggests that adults carry a pearl of walking wisdom with them. Only sitting with them and asking them simple questions will unveil that wisdom.

To gain wisdom from older adults, Maria interviews 100 adults and asks them for aging advice. “How to age with grace and dignity,” asks Maria. Though all of them give varying answers, each one is equally thoughtful and interesting. Here are the top 5 aging advice that those older adults came up with:

  • Optimism is the Ultimate Mindset to Age With Grace

Andrea / Pexels / Where optimism ends, life ceases. Do not fall short of hope.

“We all deserve to look forward to something exciting,” said one of the adults as she termed “hope” the central tenet of aging with grace. He went on to say, “In life, there should always be a ray of hope – no matter what. One should be optimistic that something good is yet to happen.”

It is obvious that life is the sum total of how we perceive it. If you foresee good, goodness will come and vice versa. That is why, if you are looking to age with grace, be optimistic. Understand that there is always a silver lining regardless of the terrible situation that you are in.

  • “Anti Aging” is A Term that Shouldn’t Exist

“Aging is a gift from God,” replied another adult as he brushed off her white hair with pride. He went on to say, “You are a very lucky person if you come to adult age and see your kids and grandkids playing right in front of you. It is one of the feelings that can not be explained. On top of that, if you age with good health, no financial crisis, and with grace, you are arguably the luckiest person on this planet.”

Andrea / Pexels / Lucky is the person who ages with good health and grace.

That is why, he feels there should not be any such term as Anti Aging. “What does this term even mean,”? He questioned. “Are we looking to eliminate the blessings of aging? It is ridiculous to see advertisements that offer anti-aging creams etc. These shouldn’t exist,” he concluded.

  • Say Yes to Scary and Challenging Things

Our top #3 aging advice comes from an aged woman who was claustrophobic at an early age. “If there is one thing that I regret in my life, it is not taking risks,” she asserts. “Later in my life, it dawned upon me that it was taking risks that open up new doors in life. Today, I am proud to say that I can embrace every challenge and say yes to every risk.”

So, do not let the fear of something miss it. Embrace the challenge and say yes to risks. On your death bed, you will not be having the regret of not doing it.

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