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Learn Top 5 Glamorous Tips From Eva Longoria To Look And Feel Like A Queen

Eva Longoria is a tremendous American actress, a producer, and a beauty-conscious lady. Whether posting an Instagram video of her trampoline workout or giving a review on her volume lengthening mascara. However, she never avoids discussing the latest beauty findings with her fans. Though we cannot be blessed with all her chromosomes, we can get her beauty advice. She recently gave guidance on her beauty tips and makeup conducts so that we all can shine like a star.

Marca / Though you can’t look exactly like Eva Longoria, there is a lot to learn from her beauty secrets.

Serums Are Essential For Skin

According to Longoria, serums are beneficial and essential for the skin. If you’ve seen Longoria light up the screen during a commercial advertisement for L’Oreal Paris to promote hyaluronic serum. You must have noticed her glowy and shiny skin. However, it is because of the serums that she uses on her skin for a perfect glow.

However, she quipped in a conversation that she had taught the world how to use hyaluronic acid on the skin. As a spokesperson for a beauty brand, she praised beauty products. But what makes her love the brand is the quality and high coverage.

The Importance Of Using Sunscreen

Cottonbro / Pexels / Wearing sunscreen is the first choice of all dermatologists.

Undoubtedly, sunscreen protects the skin from burning and tanning. Sunscreen preserves the shine and glow of the skin. Longoria has encouraged the usage of sunscreens while going under the sun. However, while emphasizing, she asserted that sunscreen usage is a must for all of us if talking about Skincare. It’s the first choice of dermatologists. Although she didn’t provide any specific recommendations, the dermatologist had praised a brand’s sunscreen called La Roche Posay’s Anthelios Melt-In Sunscreen.

While praising, Shari Marchbien (certified dermatologist at Downtown Dermatology in New York City) mentioned that the product is her favorite broad –spectrum. And she uses it as a cosmetically tremendous sunscreen for the face and entire body.

Knowing Your Perfect Mascara

Longoria said it’s not easy to find a dark-shaded mascara to offset the dark brown eyes. Nonetheless, her favorite and first choice is the carbon black voluminous mascara. She adores using dark black mascara, as her eyes are dark in color. Therefore, she needs an equally dark-shaded mascara.

Magda / Pexels / Matching mascaras – with your eye color is suggested by dermatologists.

Always Use False Eyelashes To Get A Glam Look

Longoria asserted that she had worked for a decade in the entertainment industry. That is why she had learned a few things from professional makeup artists. She realized that putting on false eyelashes can give a glamorous look to the face. Nevertheless, according to her, she implemented the trick of putting on false eyelashes and has seen a beautiful look on her face. Applying false lashes is a big red carpet trick she didn’t know earlier.

Skincare Should Be The Top-Most Priority

One notable thing that she had learned in the industry was taking care of the skin. Because one cannot embrace perfect makeup on terrible skin, according to her, the right choice of serums and buying quality makeup can steal the show. On the other hand, she mentioned that people think facials are relaxing and comfortable, but it doesn’t actually. It gives glowing skin a painful process. She hates to go for facials as she thinks it’s tugging and pulling, but it’s necessary for the skin.

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