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Popular Singer Kassi Ashton Gets Engaged to Boyfriend Travis Myatt Following a Sweet Love Story

Kassi Ashton is a famous country musician. Last Monday, she recently revealed her engagement to her beau, Travis Myatt. She is a 29 years old vocalist while her boyfriend Myatt is 32. After five months of a relationship in Key West, Florida, he proposed to her. That is exactly where they met years ago. They reunited on the dock, with a handwritten letter and their respective families quietly waiting upon that shore. Additionally, she says that it almost seems as if their destiny had this plotted right from the beginning.

Music Row / The love birds’ engagement comes after a sweet love story.

She tagged him and said, “I adore you so very much!” She posted the whole story on Instagram. Also, she added, “This vacation, my fantasy ring, my dream vintage ring case, and my desired photographer, all, came as a complete surprise from him. When did I question him how I will repay and compensate for all this on Earth? He simply asked me to marry him.

What Makes This Love Story Even Sweeter?

Ashton released a sequence of images from the event. They were dressed in similar white costumes. He bent down on one knee before her. It was all surrounded by a stunning billboard with pictures of the couple. Furthermore, he also uploaded a number of Instagram images, one of which featured the singer flashing off her stunning ring.

Additionally, he said that he has loved her even long before she even knew his name. He is so happy and ecstatic that the love of his life is finally taking his last name. Myatt uploaded a number of images from the proposal on his online platforms, including one of Ashton’s hands showing off her beautiful ring. The affection is reciprocal.

Taste of Country / Kassi Ashton is a popular name in country music, and her love for Matt is “indescribable.”

 What Does Kassi Ashton Have to Say?

Kassi said that he is the most encouraging, open-minded guy she knows. Throughout their relationship, she’s been madly in love with him. She added, “He knows that sometimes I have to put it on hold for the next step in my life while my work keeps pace. He never forces me to think otherwise. Plus, my grandmother adores him.”

Kassi is now signed to UMG Nashville and is previewing the release of her first studio album with the track “California, Missouri,”. It is a track honoring her birthplace. Ashton was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in early 2014; happily, she is already in recovery and is utilizing her expertise to help children.

Sounds Like Nashville / Kassi Ashton has been composing genre-defying music since she was 15 years old.

Fate Has Surely Played Its Part Beautifully

At the 2018 St. Jude Country Cares Festival, she met children at Memphis, Tennessee, facility, where young girls seemed smitten by her outfits and makeup. She lovingly encouraged the young girls and promised to get them the makeup as well. Her kind and sweet words touched the patients there. Ashton has diverse interests, ranging from shooting sports and motocross biking to theater and glamor beauty contests. Her singing is inspired equally by Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, as well as Amy Winehouse, and Beyoncé.

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