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Sam Neil and Laura Dern Reunite on the Big Screen For Jurassic World Dominion – Here is What the 20 Years of Age Difference Mean for the Costars

Sam Neil and Laura Dern have been costarring for quite a while. The first film that they worked on was Jurassic Park. “I remember when we were shooting Jurassic Park,” recalls Sam Neil. “By that time, she (Dern) was 23, and I was 42.” It is evident that in the 1993 film, the costars had a starling age difference of almost 20 years. But, despite that, Neil asserts that they never felt the age difference, and it was “perfectly appropriate.”

Cinema Blend / While starring in Jurassic Park, Dern was 23, and Sam Neil was 42. And that was “perfectly appropriate.”

Similarly, Dern – who is 55 now – recalls that she never felt that Neil was older than her. “I was reading a magazine the other day. And it turned out that we are on the list of Hollywood costars who fall in the category of the age difference,” recalls the Academy Award Winner. However, she asserts that neither of the stars ever felt that. “I reckon it never occurred to us. We never noticed the difference. Part of the reason was the roles that we were assigned.”

It is pertinent to mention that the Jurassic Park costars reunite for Jurassic World Dominion after 30 years. The first time they starred together was in 1993 when they acted together in the film Jurassic Park. So, the reunion also comes as a sweet juxtaposition of the age difference that the costars have.

The Guardian / Sam Neil and Laura Dern are reuniting on the big screen after 30 years.

Sam Neil was “Amazed” to Hear the Age Difference

Sam Neil, 73, also commented on what he calls “the age thing” during an interview with The People. “I never felt that there was any such thing as the age difference between me and Dern,” Sam argues. “It was despite the fact that I was 20 years older than her.

Today, as I hear this everywhere I feel it was completely okay and appropriate for a leading patriarchal man. After all, a patriarchal man is authoritative and the lady is submissive. So, when I think about it today, I feel like it was perfectly fine to be older than her.”

Pinterest / Sam Neil says that the age difference (between him and Dern) “never occurred to them.”

Furthermore, Neil asserts that recently he has discovered that there are certain Hollywood who costars with young ladies. “You have people like Sean Connery and Harrison Ford who kind of work with young ladies. Like Always. It was somewhat shocking for me to see that I was on the list of these people. I was like, ‘Nah! This can’t be true.’ But, here we are. And in our case, I think it was only a matter of occurrence. It just never occurred to us.”

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