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Successful Celebrity Side Gigs You Didn’t Know About

Celebrities often surprise us with their multi-faceted talents. While they are renowned for their primary careers in acting, music, or sports, some have successfully ventured into side gigs that remain relatively unknown.

These hidden talents and entrepreneurial endeavors showcase their versatility and serve as a testament to their determination and business acumen. Continue reading to learn more about such celebrities:

Ryan Reynolds – The Gin Connoisseur

Known for his charismatic on-screen presence, Ryan Reynolds has proven to be equally charismatic off-screen with his entrepreneurial skills. The Canadian actor and producer acquired a stake in Aviation Gin in 2018 and became the face of the brand.

Reynolds’ involvement and clever marketing strategies helped boost the brand’s popularity and led to its acquisition by the global liquor giant Diageo in a deal worth over $600 million.

Aviation Gin/ Instagram | The world’s fastest-growing gin brand, Aviation Gin, was bought by celebrity Ryan Reynolds just over 2 years ago

Brie Larson – The YouTube Star:

Academy Award-winning actress Brie Larson surprised her fans by launching her YouTube channel in 2020. Titled “The Language of Brie,” the channel showcases Larson’s diverse interests, including her passion for cooking, music, and engaging conversations with experts in various fields.

With her engaging personality and honest approach, Larson quickly garnered a massive following, proving her prowess as a content creator.

David Beckham – The Fashion Icon:

While David Beckham is widely known for his illustrious soccer career, he cemented his position as a fashion icon. Beckham launched his fashion label, Kent & Curwen, in 2016, offering premium menswear inspired by British heritage.

His impeccable sense of style and keen business acumen have propelled the brand’s success, attracting a global clientele and earning him recognition as a respected fashion entrepreneur.

Getty Images/ AP | Kent & Curwen is a British menswear retailer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – The Creative Collaborator:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, recognized for his acting talents, founded an online collaborative production company called HitRecord. The platform allows artists from various fields to collaborate on music, film, writing, and more projects. Gordon-Levitt’s vision for a creative community has resulted in a thriving platform where artists can work together and get paid for their contributions.

Tyra Banks – The Mogul:

Tyra Banks, a supermodel and television personality, has built a successful empire beyond the runway. In addition to her modeling and hosting careers, Banks founded Tyra Beauty, a cosmetics company that focuses on empowering individuals with its beauty products.

Her dedication to self-confidence and entrepreneurship has helped her create a business that encourages individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

Kaytie Norman/ Blog Image | Reese Witherspoon has been recommending her favorite books to readers through Reese’s Book Club since 2017

Robert Downey Jr. – The Environmental Advocate:

Known for portraying Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. has used his fame and resources to impact the environment positively. He founded The Footprint Coalition, which uses advanced technologies to tackle environmental issues. Downey Jr. aims to clean up the planet within a decade and has pledged significant funds to support innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Reese Witherspoon – The Book Club Maven:

Reese Witherspoon has not only impressed us with her acting skills but has also become a prominent figure in the literary world. She founded Hello Sunshine, a media company that produced and promoted female-driven stories across various platforms.

Witherspoon’s book club, “Reese’s Book Club,” has gained immense popularity, propelling several novels to bestseller status and highlighting female authors in the publishing industry.

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