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Kevin Hart’s Dad “Peacefully” Passes Away

If you have a little bit of taste for comedy, you definitely know the name Kevin Hart. Arguably, he is the funniest man alive today. However, October 11, 2022 was not a great day for the American comedian. The dawn woke him up with the heart-wrenching news of his dad’s demise.

Kevin’s dad, Henry Robert Witherspoon, was reported to have died on the afternoon of October 11. The “What Now?”star confirmed the news of his dad’s death viaa public post on Twitter saying that the Hart family was mourning the death of Kevin’s father, Witherspoon. The 65 years old reportedly passed away “peacefully” at Hart’s residence.

CNN / Popular comedian Kevin Hart mourns the demise of his dad, Henry Robert Witherspoon.

“The Hart family has lost a great asset,” he said in the post. “We have lost a precious gift that we were ever provided with. Give mum a hug.” he further said, hinting at his late mom before writing, “Surely, dad is gone but never forgotten.”

However, Hart took a moment to acknowledge the unconditional love of his dad. “We love every single bit of having you around,” the post said. Of course, Witherspoon Jr. was the most inspirational figure in the Hart family—not only was he the leading guy who made Kevin Hart walk his shadow. But he also posed a whole new array of opportunities for him.

LA Times / The news of Kevin Hart’s father’s demise spread like fire in a wild jungle.

Soon after Kevin Hart made the news public, the news spread in no time. Thousands of Hart fans retweeted and shared the tweet on different social media platforms. These fans did not miss the chance to share the same feelings and empathize with Kevin Hart.

  • Kevin Hart’s Fans Share Condolence Online

“Our heart goes with you, Kevin,” said one fan inserting crying emojis. The user further said that he “feels” what Kevin feels after listening to the heartbreaking news.

NY Post / Fans of Kevin Hart share condolence over the demise of Kevin Hart’s death.

Of course, Kevin has a massive fan following. From his comedy series to movies, Kevin Hart has gained worldwide fame and acquaintance. So, his fans can not leave this opportunity unattained.

Thus, Hart’s fans – from all walks of life – went online and shared the hashtag “RIP Kevin Sr.” on Twitter and other social media platforms. Witherspoon was addressed with names like “good soldier,” “great fighter,” and “voluminous inspiration.”

However, Hart’s fellow actors also took the opportunity to share a condolence with the American comedian. The Rock was the leading one. He took to Twitter and shared an emotional “goodbye letter” to Hart Sr. He prayed for the departed soul of Witherspoon and reiterated that he is there for his “Jumanji” co-star every time and every day.

Likewise, numerous Hollywood stars went online and showed solidarity with Hart during this challenging time. They shared sympathies with the comedian and sent prayers to the departed soul of his dad.

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