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Top Five Best Performing Tech Stocks in 2021

Technology stocks have been in turmoil since the beginning of 2021, stretching up to mid-November. Inflationary worries and fears of increasing financing costs pushed investors out of programming and web organizations, sending scores of earlier outperformers into correction territory.

Regardless of the sell-offs and the volatility across wide tech business areas, investors have made decent money wagering off on explicit organizations and stories. For e.g Certain spaces of the semiconductor market swelled up for this present year, as requests processors that could bear crypto mining skyrocketed.

Here are the top five gainers in 2021 among U.S. tech companies valued at $5 billion or more. The list deliberately avoids companies that opened shop just this year.


Upstart is an AI and machine learning organization that is learning to underwrite consumer loans and provides its technology to banking partners who use this precious data to identify higher-value clients.

At it’s debut in mid-December of last year, Upstart was valued at roughly $1.5 billion. And a year later, it became worth $12 billion.

Upstart shares have risen by 264% since January 2021, along with an increase of 171% over a wild three-day stretch in spring.

Upstart said in November that it is now catering for tech services to 31 banks and credit associations, up from 10 just a year later. In the third quarter, the organization fuelled 362,780 advances, which is a meteoric rise of 244% from the previous years.

CEO David Girouard expressed his views that the company is looking to move its attention from car loans to providing low-interest loans for people with urgent needs.


Anna Shvets/ Pexels | Synaptics has taken calculated decisions to boost it’s market value by ten-folds

Synaptics came into being in 1986 and opened up to the world sixteen years later. Yet, it took until 2020 for purchasers to really start noticing it’s stock. The year has finally come for Synaptics, with it’s stock rising by 189%.

Like many other tech start-up fairytales. Synaptics was started in Silicon Valley, paving it’s way upwards from developing touchpads and scroll pads for personal computers. The touch technology introduced many decades ago has become synonymous with every gadget out there. It can be found everywhere, from smartphones touchpads to contact-less ATMs, virtual reality headsets, set-top boxes, drones, and gaming systems.

Recently, Synaptics has expanded itself to take over a better market share of voice handling and wireless chipsets by completing a $549 million takeover of DSP Gathering group.


Sarah Chai/ Pexels | Virtual collaboration tools like Asana have made remote working extremely easy

Asana’s stock peaked in mid-November when it soared to nearly five-fold for the year, far outperforming any remaining U.S. tech stocks. But this gain hasn’t gone unnoticed, with competitors soon catching up, as evident by the loss of value from that point onwards.

Like Upstart, Asana opened up to the world in 2020.

But it took a a couple of months to get the dice rolling with financial backers. Meanwhile, the company’s CEO Dustin Moskovitz, has been busy raking up aquisitions. He splurged cash on Asana’s shares in December, buying up $293 million worth shares , as he took advantage of the sudden dip in value.

Asana’s next big challenge will be to convert free using customers to paid consumers. A move which has already started with Asana reporting an increasing in paying clients by 110,000.


After spending two straight quarters of sustaining the growth of revenue to above 30% , Fortinet is now growing at its fastest pace since it’s start in 2016. The sudden increase in demand for better cybersecurity, as remote work has become more common, has definetely played to Fortinet’s advantage.

Shares are up 133% estimating in value at $349.02. That has lifted the organization’s market cap past $57 billion.

Following Fortinet’s surprisingly good earnings report, analysts at Wedbush increased their prices from $400 from $350. One explanation for this, the firm affirmed, was the organization’s free cash flow, which leaped to $329.8 million from $185.7 million per year earlier.


Yan/ Pexels | There has never been a better time to invest in tech stocks

Chipmaker Nvidia was the best-performing tech stock-load of the year. The shares peaked at 127% in 2021, pushing the organization’s market cap to $741 billion, the seventh most noteworthy among U.S. tech organizations, and right behind the big five tech names and Tesla.

Income growth has topped half in every one of the last five quarters, demonstrating that Nvidia’s superior graphics processing units stay in high demand. Nvidia’s innovation reinforces the need for better AI performances as the demand for processing power increases inside the data center.

Recently, Nvidia delivered new processors explicitly for crypto mining. They’ve produced $526 million income up to this point. Yet, crypto is turning out to be an unpredictable market for NvidiaLast month, the organization saidth that deals of the items plunged 60%successively from the second quarter to the third and are relied upon to be “truly insignificant” in the final quarter.

But the investors are not bothered. The stock climbed back 8% after the income report was published, to a great extent mainly because of the surge in demand for gaming processors, Nvidia’s most valued customers, who created $2.76 billion revenue, an expansion of 106% from a year before.

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