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AI is The Future – Adopted By 54% of Fintech Companies Already

Nowadays, 92% of consumers expect a fast and frictionless virtual experience. On top of that, it is even more critical for them to feel secure online. To match these newfound client expectations, fintech companies are working to ensure that their products are personal and seamless and efficient.

These findings were revealed by The Payments Association, highlighting how the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence is being employed in the banking, finance, and payments sectors and their potential use in the future.

Pexels | AI and its benefits are becoming increasingly apparent in every industry, especially fintech

Documenting Anti-fraud Applications

From its looks, the efficiency being offered by AI is potentially astronomical, considering how it combines the best elements of traditional digital automation and human operators. What’s more important, moreover, is the ability that AI possesses by using patterns and analyzing results for real-time improvements. Its uses currently range from determining precise credit scores to processing documents and anti-fraud applications.

Using data from the international payments company Fable Fintech, the report reveals that some sort of AI is being used by most financial services companies with employees upwards of 5,000. These technologies enable organizations to carry out processes quicker than human beings and process data and information exceedingly efficiently than traditional decision-making technologies.

Pexels | Perhaps most importantly, AI can spot patterns to make suitable conclusions

Rise AI Popularity and Its Regulatory Interest

As financial organizations sought ways to become more efficient, an industry that was going pretty steady pre-pandemic witnessed a dramatic boost. The subsequent result was an interest in regulating AI to alleviate risks relating to security, privacy, and unlawful discrimination. It seems that the industry has seen quite a lot of venture capital. AI-oriented start-ups in the insurance and finance industry are now the 7th largest sector for investors.

We’ve already mentioned how AI can better identify patterns to reach accurate decisions but the Director General at The Payments Association, Tony Craddock, puts the idea into a better perspective. He says that when people apply for a loan, for example, human beings can only work with a limited amount of data before accepting or declining the request. On the other hand, AI systems have a clearer picture of who the applicant is and can reach a more nuanced decision.

Pexels | Never has there been a better time to float an AI startup idea in the finance and insurance industry

Utilizing AI Effectively

The founder and CEO of Fable Fintech, Naushad Contractor, states that the financial services industry is undergoing a phase of disruption and profound change. Thanks to technology, firms are reimagining the way they interact with customers, employees, and supplies, as well as the way they operate.

This means that an area awaiting significant development is the effective utilization of AI. Though it’s in vogue currently, its early stage does not permit its consistent application across the board.

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