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Prince Charles and Camilla Share a Great Bond as They Visit Waterford

Charles (the Prince of Wales) and Camilla (the Duchess of Cornwall) have decided to roam around the world before the age bogged down them. However, they visited Ireland’s oldest yet most civilized city, taking in a Viking re-enactment and learning how to make Waterford crystal.

Mesaggero / The trip was “fun and joyous through and through,” reports the Daily Mail.

They Share A Great Bond

However, they both can wallop a few items on their bucket list. Though the Prince of Wales is 73 years old while Camilla is 74 years old. They both share a great bond of being almost the same in numbers. Their first visit was to Ireland’s oldest city named Waterford.

In his first speech, Charles mentioned Ireland is a country that means a lot to them. He asserted that it was his childhood dream and great ambition to visit every country in this tremendous world. And that before the vicious reality of age factor will be bogged down on them.

Reader’s Digest / The royal couple shares a great bond as they progress in their long-lasting marriage relationship.

Prince Charles & Camilla Visited Waterford In Ireland

They both enjoyed a day full of activities highlighting the traditional culture of the city. This includes a Viking re-enactment, a tour of the house of Waterford crystal makers, and a visit to the local farmers who are leading the way in sustainability.

During a certain conversation, the prince mentioned the ancient civilized connections and the modernized friendship of England and Ireland. He further added that these two countries aren’t just the countries. But partners who struggled and traveled together in the toughest circumstances. However, he asserted that these two countries have gone through reconciliation and understanding. Forged a future that has benefitted the people and the country too.

Charles Mentioned Russia Invasion Of Ukraine

Nonetheless, it was a clear message to the Russia Invasion of Ukraine. Though, a portion of Royal’s visit to Waterford was intentional and dedicated to greeting the members of the Ukrainian community. Furthermore, the prince asserted that he’s pretty sure that the Ireland people’s thoughts, empathy, and prayers are with the victims of Ukraine. As they are facing brutal and uncertain aggression from Russia.

Print Veela / The prince and Dutchess reaffirmed that they stand with the Ukrainian victims of Russian aggression.

Prince Emphasized On Harmony Against Evil

According to the prince today invasion, war and conflicts are very common to all of us. And we are always ready to fight over a cause. In contrast, we should bring up friendship and peace in the world. The idea of companionships, unifications, and conjugations should be spread by people. However, his speech touches on the idea of harmony and hope. Which he emphasized, is missing in the countries amid the recent resurrection of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, he further asserted that we all have faced challenges over the last two years. Because of the pandemic which was deadly and unimaginable. Where once stood borders and seas dividing countries. We have been shown in the starkest of terms.

Just how connected we are as a global community. At the end of their traveling day, they had also visited the Medieval Museum of the Waterford and enjoyed a meeting with the mayor. The prince learned a lot about sustainable agriculture, on the other hand. Camilla also indulged in her favorite hobby by visiting a local stable in the horse racing community. Lastly, the prince added that it’s good to be with old friends again.

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