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Chris Rock Opens Up About The Oscar Incident: “Still Processing”

The Oscar Awards were shocking and gruesome this year. Will Smith, who won the Oscar for King Richard, slapped the top-class comedian Chris Rock on stage. The 57 years old comedian made jokes about Jada Pinkett Smith. This turned out to be difficult to swallow for King Richard star Will Smith. He went up on stage and slapped Chris Rock.

In the heat of the moment, Chris Rock handled it professionally – like a really sensible man. He didn’t retaliate to the smack with any physical or verbal abuse. Rather, he kept his cool and turned it into another joke. Following the unbecoming incident, Will Smith was asked to leave the Oscars, which he refused.

BBC / Will Smith made a public apology to Chris Rock, saying, “Violence has no place in this world of kindness and love.”

Later that day, Will Smith took to social media and publicly apologized. “Violence in all forms is destructive and poisonous,” Will said. He confessed that his behavior was “inexcusable” and “destructive.” Likewise, Will acknowledged that Chris handled the situation like a real man. “I am publicly apologizing to you, Chris. Making jokes about Jada’s medical stature was too emotional and unbearable for me. I am embarrassed. There is no place for violence in this world,” he concluded.

Chris Rock Was Cheered & Eulogized

The Los Angeles Times / Throughout the show, Chris Rock did not mention Will Smith, even once.

Nonetheless, Chris Rock appeared on a night show for the first time after the Academy Award incident this week. He was cheered and enthusiastically welcomed by a sea of people who lauded him with a standing ovation. He was cheered by an excited crowd when he asked, “What’s up Boston?” As the show kicked off, Chris opened up about what he called “an unfortunate Academy Award incident.” In a serious tone, he said: “I am still processing what happened in the Academy Award session. I will have a serious talk about the incident at the right time and in a serious tone.”

The house full of the audience lauded, cheered, and eulogized Chris Rock as he continued making jokes throughout the show. A handful of people have uttered the name of Will Smith. But, throughout the show, Chris did not mention the anime of Will Smith, even once, reports The People. “Life is going pretty good,” asserted Chris at one point during the show. “But I would say there are a few weird things,” hinting at the Academy Awards incident.

Neither Chris Nor Will Smith Was Right, Says Public

New York Post / The public is of the opinion that both – Chris and Will – are wrong. Chris shouldn’t have made fun of Jada’s medical condition. And Will shouldn’t have responded with violence.

The moment was heated when Chris cracked jokes about the shaved hair of Jada, comparing it to the GI Jane star Demi Moore. Nonetheless, Jada had revealed earlier that it was because of alopecia. The joke was frowned upon by both Jada and Will. Jada was seen rolling her eyes in disbelief. This is where Will went up the stage and smacked Chris.

A vast majority of people, including celebrities and others from all walks of life, condemned Chris for making fun of Jada’s medical condition. Simultaneously, they disregarded Will’s response as physical abuse. “He should be in jail,” said one Twitter user.

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