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After Losing Her Son, Chrissy Teigen Opts For IVF Treatment “Without Minding the Shots”

Celebrity star Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend lost their son in September 2020. Chrissy is committed to expanding her family. For this reason, she is getting In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. IVF is a biologically proven scientific process in which an embryo is fertilized in the presence of an in vitro. The process stimulates the mixture and separates the ovaries.

Parents / According to Glamour, 30% of first attempt IVF are successful.

Chrissy is “deeply upset” with the loss

Chrissy is multi-talented. She started her career as a model but along with that, she has been a successful host. The 36 years old model has also authored two well-known cookbooks.
Chrissy Teigen and her spouse John Legend are having 2 kids. Their daughter Luna Somone, who is five years old, and their son Miles Theodore, who is 3 years old. Chrissy took help from IVF treatment in their past pregnancies.
They had lost their baby Jack lately. Chrissy wrote in a tweet when she lost Jack back in September:

“We really are in huge pain. You can only hear about the pain but we can extremely feel it. We have never experienced such pain before. We have tried our level best to give Jack life but in no vain. We provided a bundle of blood transfusions but could not save Jack”.

Times of India / Chrissy and her husband John Legend were “agonized” over the loss of their newborn baby, Jack.

Chrissy further added: “We gave the name Jack the kid before he came to the world but he left us alone only with memories. He will be with us forever. He struggles so much to be with us so do we.”
Both Legend and Chrissy tribute his son on many occasions along with their two living children Luna and Miles. On an occasion previously, they wore a bracelet with Jack’s name. They have posted on Instagram with the bracelet quoting: “Today was your due date. We will love you forever.”

Teigen also shared very interesting news in an interview given to Scary Mommy. Accordingly, they travel with the ashes of jack whenever they go on trips. Crissy added that Luna and Miles love doing so. She added:

“Whether we go on vacation, they always say that we should not forget baby Jack. And then I have to pack him up. They give water to the box where the ashes of jack are. They feed Jack the ash box because they think jack is still alive in their hearts.”

Chrissy and IVF Treatment

She Knows / Chrissy is optimistic for a healthy baby, following her IVF treatment.

In a post on Instagram Chrissy revealed that she is going to get IVF treatment. She said:
“Hi, I posted in my stories but I want you all to know that I am going to have IVF treatment and I am sure I can get healthy and strong and embryos.”

Chrissy also shared her experience with IVF. She says that injecting IVF is really horrible, but you have to bear it for a good reason ahead. Likewise, she urged her fans not to ask her whether she is pregnant or not. Likely, she requests her fans to pray for her healthy life. She hopes for the best. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend really suffered. Still, they are optimistic about having a secure pregnancy through IVF treatment.

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